Portofino Shipyard & Service


Portofino shipyard & service

Italian quality
made in Dubai

We blend exclusive Italian design and engineering with Italian management in Dubai, where our boats are built in strong aluminium 5083.
Innovation, comfort, luxury, and safety are our core values.
Portofino combines elegance and comfort to create unique sailing experiences.


Portofino’s boats are a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Our catamarans are the result of an all-Italian design expressing the best
of the Italian taste.


The structures are developed by Italian naval engineers while the plant engineering is realized in Dubai by Portofino. Our innovative approach and the use of marine aluminium 5083 makes our boats recyclable, and fireproof to ensure maximum safety.

boat building

The boat building relies on the expertise of Portofino Shipyard based in Dubai, both as regards the structural part, then the interiors.

our yachts

we build your dream

We shape the boat around your dreams, adding the value of our expertise.
The use of aluminium, apart from all the other advantages, enables a greater level of customization if compared with other materials.

Cat 67 - villa


Cat 57 - concept


cat 47 - sport


Explorer 60 - concept