we build your dream


The design and production process of the Portofino CATs is unique in its involvement of the client. Our flexible designs and hands-on relationship with the client permit us to tailor the project to suit their lifestyle and needs, giving the boat adaptability and comfort, whilst maintaining our signature style and authenticity. We walk you through every step of the process, providing full transparency and an early-on experience of the boat; so you can start enjoying your Portofino CAT even before it touches the water!


As part of our after-sales program, capt. Raffaele Rognoni provides in-person sea training and orientation on the finished boat, in order to familiarize the new owners with the machinery and technicality of the CAT, so its unique features can be savored to their full potential. A detailed and clear technical manual is also to be received upon the delivery of the CAT, with user-friendly maintenance and troubleshooting instructions. Portofino Shipyard also personally services its CATs, always remaining hands-on for a smooth sailing experience.